Design theme for 2015

After a frustrating time of illness with the virus that seems to be  all over the country now feeling like work.

My theme for this year is THE COLOURS AND TEXTURES OF NATURE which I shall be using as my design theme for both knitting and textile workautumn colours 01d8e1361f18176952f75efabe54c00f3a78cf2d2c 01ced2d24634df2ae6d8ba440a2dced43680dfb373 01f446fc543f2f4ab30135f6c18e716ef29f1141a8 012b73fcc8d5d087f9eda329212216cfc48a805f15 01092de3838511cbe0cc82aa73d265fafc19a065fa 010a495f0b0a25f01c5752a75be72d75bf1e6c6482 01aeefaf074ab4c51a27199386faf2c066725496d1 01db2e9356bd3011f2f3c6f2a12a854d40b5b156e9

Now to get to designing

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