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Why not come along and see the displays of different art and crafts, many of which are or sale. Open daily 10am to 6pm.

I shall be there with my wools and garments and will have my spinning wheel with me if you to want to try your hand at spinning, remember I also sell spinning wheels so am able to advise which model would be best for you.

The event is well worth a visit.

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Back to work after illness

I have been out of action for last six weeks due to a nasty virus, but back now to dyeing etc

Rememberr UPTON CRAFT FAIR  9th to 17th AUGUST. I shall be there selling, as well as doing spinning and feltmaking demonstrations

Sheep are shorn and fleece off for processing into balls/hanks for selling to public.

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Back to work now after gaining lots of inspiration from the lovely gardens in Madeira, lots of sketching done.

Incredible tree bark surfaces and colour of plants, blossoms and skies

Have more ideas for garments and textile pieces, but concentrating on finishing my myths and legends textile book.

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Quivet fibre from a fibre exchange

It is wonderful, spins like cashmere and has the sheen of silk,will knit into  a Lacey scarf spins very finely.

Lots of info on Wild Fibres magazine page about the animals kept by the Inuit people of Alaska.

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Open day at Moorview Alpacas

I have just found out about the open day at Moorview Alpacas, it’s will be worth a visit.

They were featured on Country File last week with their new sheep imported from Swiss

and of course their Alpacas

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South Hill Community page

This page publishes all the local business and craft news and what’s on locally, worth a visit to see whose around with similar interests

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My Textile theme this year

My textile theme this year is Myth and Magic and after extensive research I have decided to work on those related to Devon and Cornwall eg The Green Man, Tree Spirits, Angels, Fairies ,Mermaids, Tintagel Wtches, The Sword iStone.

I have yet to decide whether this will be a large hanging in mixed media , a fabric book or a mix of 3D items and a map. Time will tell.

Knitting designs are coming along, mainly use of colour and texture.

What would we all do with out the internet for research when isolated  from museums except on line

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Well it may be February 14th but gales are howling, torrential rain, our road is flooded, snowdrops now under water, tomorrows vintage textile fair cancelled so designing new garments for my British Sheep wools and making up kits.

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Weather preventing natural dyeing work and loss of internet

Its now February and its still raining, property outside flooded ,workshop unusable and until today hardly any internet service.

Still too slow to upload pictures.

So busy knitting and felt making with what I have in stock.

Working on new designs for my British Sheep Breed wools so watch the ETSY SHOP and here.

Have garments and wools for sale but short on naturally dyed wools.

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