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When the weather is chilly people embrace all things wool and as the trend for the handmade continues, more people art realising the potential of “making their own” and “Knit and Natter clubs” are increasing.

I supply yarns made of natural fibres which are especially beautiful in natural fleece and naturally dyed colours.

Customers like to know where their wool originates, especially those of British heritage and are keen to find out the properties of our native breeds which is good for the British Farmers.

See the page describing the story of wool and different breeds

Jacob, Blue Face Leicester, Shetland, Suffolk and Merino.

The Look of Luxury

With consumers gaining interest in the luxury yarns what is it that gives them the edge over other ranges? I believe customers are more savvy choosing luxury yarns for special projects for themselves or for a gift or to add an accent or trim to more mainstream yarns to give them a unique touch.

With premium ranges of yarn costing just that little extra, people can really take time to create the perfect garment and feel proud of the results, especially as the special finish will justify the higher charge. Even complex lace patterns for shawls are proving popular.

Knitting involves time and investment so its worth using the best yarns you can afford ,wool that is beautifully soft, and cashmere, silk and alpaca do feel wonderful.

For many people price is an important consideration when choosing yarn. If making an adult garment a long sleeve sweater or cardigan might take 15 balls in double knitting yarn , if the yarn costs £5.95 a ball that is nearly £90, or if it costs £8.95 that’s nearly £140

Remember this the garment will last 10 years or more so it is not as expensive as might first seem. I have jackets knitted 20 years ago and treated with care are still looking like new , and they are worn every year !!

Natural yarns offer a different feel and texture and depth of colour that can be harder to find in less expensive yarns. Knitting is a very tactile process and luxury yarns are a joy to work with, indeed knitting is as much part of the pleasure as the end result.

Students are using the yarns for their degree fashion shows too.

Hand Dyed

Customers also appreciate the individual, one off nature of hand dyed yarn too.I think because knitters put a lot of personal care and love into their own work, they value items that have been made individually by hand. The key to a good hand dyed yarn begins with the basic yarn, that is why I only supply the best. It has to be a yarn that will become a pleasure to work with. Next comes the colour way, because hand dyers only produce small batches, they have the freedom to innovate and be creative , they can take a risk with colour combinations, because somewhere there will be the perfect customer waiting for that yarn. “ Ultimately, with hand dyed your skein is just that, its yours- no one else will have one quite like it

Remember if I have not got in stock I know many small producers who can supply me.

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