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Spinning, weaving, dyeing and felting supplies

spinning wheels for websiteI have spent many years using spinning wheels and the ones I promote are the models people find the easiest to use.
There are prices to suit every pocket.
A spinning wheel is an investment in a very enjoyable hobby, as well as a piece of beautiful furniture.

Wheels have gone up enormously in price so only stocking to order.

Yes, it takes time to learn the skill of spinning, but it is purely practice, getting to know your wheel and the fibres you are using.

I stock Ashford wheels TO ORDER and also the accessories such as hand carders, drum carders, spare bobbins, spindles etc.PRICES HAVE INCREASED  ALOT THIS YEAR DUE TO EXCHANGE RATE SO PLEASE CONTACT FOR LATEST PRICES
Various fibres.
Weaving looms and frames.
Natural dyes and Procian dyes

I give tuition at all levels in

  • Fibre preparation.
  • Spinning.
  • Plying and finishing.
  • Use of wools, silk, alpaca,camel, various blends.
  • Plant fibres.
  • Natural dyeing.

What do with the fibre you have spun

I teach hand knitting skills

  • Traditional and Experimental.
  • Colour Confidence for hand knitters.
  • Use of Texture.
  • Garment design.
  • Edges and Finishing.
  • Knitting in All Directions.

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